Gender: Masculine
Origin: Greek ‘Ιερωνυμος
Meaning: “sacred name.”
Eng (jə-ROM), Fre (zheh-HROME)

The name is derived from the Greek male name, Hieronymus (‘Ιερωνυμος).

It was borne by a 5th-century saint who is responsible for creating the Vulgate Bible. He is revered as a Doctor of the Church.

The name was common in England during the 12th-century, but fell out of usage after the Protestant Reformation, only to be reintroduced again in 19th-century America via Catholic immigrants from Germany, Ireland and Italy.

Currently, Jerome is the 208th most popular male name in Germany, (2011).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Jeronimi (Albanian)
  • Hieronimos Հիերոնիմոս (Armenian)
  • Jerolin (Basque)
  • Gerasim Герасім (Belarusian)
  • Jeronim Йероним (Bulgarian)
  • Jeroni (Catalan)
  • Jeronim Јероним (Croatian/Serbian)
  • Jeroným (Czech)
  • Hero (Dutch)
  • Hiëronymus (Dutch)
  • Jeroen (Dutch)
  • Jero(o)m (Dutch)
  • Jerome (English/German)
  • Jérôme (French)
  • Iaróm (Gaelic)
  • Ieróim (Gaelic)
  • Xerome (Galician)
  • Jeromos (Hungarian)
  • Geronimo (Italian)
  • Girolamo (Italian)
  • Jeronimas (Lithuanian)
  • Ġlormu (Maltese)
  • Jiròni (Occitanian)
  • Hieronim (Polish/Slovene)
  • Jerônimo (Portuguese: Brazilian)
  • Jerónimo (Portuguese/Spanish)
  • Ieronim Иерони́м Ієронім (Romanian/Russian/Ukrainian)
  • Jaronas (Romansch)
  • Jerun (Romansch)
  • Giron(n)as (Romansch)
  • Jerone (Sardinian)
  • Zirominu (Sardinian)
  • Giròlamu (Sicilian)
  • Hieronym (Slovak)
  • Jarolím (Slovak)
  • Hierónimo (Spanish)
  • Sierôm (Welsh)

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