‘Aisha, Aisha

Gender: Feminine
Origin: Arabic عائشة
Meaning: “alive”

The name has to be one of the most popular female names among Sunni Muslims as it was borne by the second wife of the prophet Muhammed and according to the Sunnis, she was his favorite wife. After Muhammed’s death, ‘Aisha went to war against Ali the fourth, and as a result, she is viewed negatively among some Shi’a Muslims.

The name itself is derived from the Arabic meaning, “alive” and it is currently the 96th most popular female name in England (2009).

In the United States, it first caught on as a given name among non-Muslims during the 1970s, particularly among African-Americans. The inspiration may have been Princess Aisha of Jordan, daughter of King Hussein (b.1968) and in 1975, Stevie Nicks named her first daughter, Aisha.

Its rankings in other countries are as follows:

# 25 (Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2010 as Ajša)
#478 (the Netherlands, 2010)
#682 (United States, 2010)

Other forms of the name include:

Aisha (Albanian)
Ajshja (Albanian)
Aixa (Asturian: obscure, used in the Middle Ages among the Moors’ of Asturia)
Aiša/Ajša (Bosnian)
Àïxa (Catalan obscure, used in the Middle Ages among the Moors’)
Aïché/Aché (Chadian)
Aïsja (Dutch)
Aisha  بکر (Farsi)
Aïcha (French: used among French-speaking Arabs)
Aischa (German)
Ayesha आयेशा (Indian)
Aisyah (Indonesian/Malay)
Ajsha Айша (Kazakh/Chechen)
Aisza (Polish: obscure. This was used among Polish-Tatar Muslims of the Polish-Common Wealth during the 16th-century)
Aissatou (Senegalese)
Caa’isha (Somalian)
Aisa (Spanish: obscure, used in Medieval Spain among Spanish Muslims)
Asha (Swahili)
Eshe (Swahili)
Gayshә Гайшә (Tatar)
Aişe (Turkish: archaic)
Ayşe (Turkish)

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