Gender: Feminine
Origin: Arabic Катхар
Meaning: “abundance.”

The name is derived from the Arabic word for abundance, it is also the name of the shortest sura in the Qu’ran known as the al-Kawthar.

It is currently the 2nd most popular female name in Kazakhstan, (2010).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Kovsər (Azeri)
  • Kaysar Каусар (Bulgarian/Russian/Tatar: used among Bulgarian and Russian Muslims)
  • Kausar (Indonesian)
  • Kautsar (Javanese)
  • Kewser (Kurdish)
  • Kaysarija Каысария (Tatar)
  • Kәүsәr Кәүсәр (Tatar)
  • Kevser (Turkish)

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