Gender: Feminine
Origin: Latin
Meaning: “lucky.”
Eng (faw-STEE-nah)

The name is a feminine form of the ancient Roman cognomen, Faustinus, which in itself is derived from Faustus, meaning, “lucky.”

The name was a common one among the Nerva-Antonine dynasty, being borne by several women in that family, most notably, Anna Galeria Faustina the Elder (100-140) and her daughter of the same name (125-175).

Other forms of the name include:

Fausta (Italian)
Faustina (Croatian/German/Italian/Lithuanian/Spanish)
Faustyna (Czech/Polish)
Faustine (French)
Fausztina (Hungarian)

Male versions include:

Faust (German)
Faustino (Italian/Portuguese/Spanish)
Fausto (Italian/Portuguese/Spanish)
Faustus (Latin)
Faustinus (Latin)

The male version of, Faust is the subject of a German folklore, in which a man by the name of Dr. Faust makes a deal with the devil. This story was later adapted into literature by Christopher Marlowe and Goethe, and was even adapted into a famous opera.

Other notable personages include: Roman noblewoman, Rupilia Faustina (87-138); Faustina, wife of Constantius II (340-366); Faustina Constantia, daughter of Faustina and Constantius II; St. Faustina of Como, a 6th-century Italian saint; Italian Mezzo-Soprano, Faustina Bordoni (1697-1781); Saint Faustina Kowalska, a 20th-century Polish nun and saint (1905-1938).

The designated name-days are: February 15 (Poland); September 23 (France) and October 5 (Poland).


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4 thoughts on “Faustina

  1. My husband has a Faustina on his family tree. I laughed when I came across it because it just sounds so ridiculous to my modern ears. But Faustina’s parents were definitely adventurous baby namers. Their other daughters are Monta and Gwendolyn.

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