Gender: Masculine
Origin: German
Meaning: “brave power.”
Eng (RICH-erd)

The name was first introduced into the English speaking world by the Norman Conquerors, and the name has been a long standing classic since.

It was most notably borne by Richard I the Lionhearted of England, who has remained a sort of national folk hero in Britain.

Richard has been declining somewhat in the U.S. popularity charts, coming in as the 107th most popular male name (2008), in 2007, he was the 100th most popular male name.

The name is composed of the Germanic elements ric meaning “power; rule” and hard meaning “brave; hardy.”

His rankings in other countries are as follows:

  • # 53 Ricardo (Chile, 2006)
  • # 39 Richárd (Hungary, 2008)
  • # 328 Ricardo (the Netherlands, 2009)
  • # 480 (the Netherlands, 2009)

Other forms of the name include:

  • Rikard Рычард (Basque/Belarusian/Bosnian/Bulgarian)
  • Richarzh (Breton)
  • Ricard Ричард (Catalan/Occitanian/Serbian)
  • Ričard (Croatian)
  • Rikard (Croatian/Danish/Finnish/Norwegian/Swedish)
  • Richard Ричард (Czech/Dutch/English/French/German/Romanian/Russian/Slovak/Ukrainian)
  • Rijkert (Dutch: RYE-kairt)
  • Riho (Estonian)
  • Rikhard (Finnish)
  • Rickert (Frisian)
  • Ricohard (German: very rare and archaic)
  • Richárdos Ριχάρδος (Greek: Modern)
  • Richárd/Rikárd (Hungarian)
  • Ríkarður (Icelandic)
  • Risteárd (Irish-Gaelic: RISH-taird)
  • Riccadetto (Italian)
  • Riccardino (Italian)
  • Riccardo (Italian: common form)
  • Ricciardo (Italian)
  • Ricco (Italian)
  • Rizzardo (Italian)
  • Rîşarê (Kurdish)
  • Richardus (Late Latin)
  • Ričards (Latvian)
  • Rihards (Latvian)
  • Ričardas (Lithuanian)
  • Ryszard (Polish: RIH-shard)
  • Ricardo (Portuguese/Romanian/Spanish)
  • Rico (Romansch)
  • Rikkar (Saami)
  • Ruiseart (Scottish-Gaelic)
  • Riccardu (Sicilian)
  • Rihard (Slovene)
  • Rhisiart (Welsh)

Diminutives include the Medieval English Hudde (HUD) the inspiration of such surnames as Hudson. Others include Dick, Dicky, Rich, Richie, Rick and Ricky.
Czech diminutive: Ríša
Finnish diminutive: Riku
Polish: RysiekRysioRysiu and Rychu
Slovak diminutives: Rišo, Riško
Spanish: Caíto, Cayo (Guatemala), Ricardito, Rico, Ricky, Riqui

Feminine forms are include:

  • Richardine (French)
  • Ricarda (German/Spanish)
  • Riccarda (Italian)
  • Riccardina (Italian)
  • Ricca (Italian)
  • Ricciarda (Italian)
  • Rizzarda (Italian)

The designated name-days are: April 3 (Czech Republic, France, Hungary and Slovakia), February 7 (Estonia).



2 thoughts on “Richard

  1. Are names like Richeza and Ryksa/Rixa related to Richard? I can’t find a lot of info on them and I’ve always wondered.

  2. I think they might share similar elements but not necessarily related. I would have to get back to you on that 🙂

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