Gender: Masculine
Origin: Phoenician
Meaning: “Ba’al protects the king.”
Eng (Bel-the-Zar)

The name is believed to be a corruption of the Biblical Phoenician name, Belshazzar, which appears in the Book of Daniel as the name of a Babylonian king.

In Christian folklore, the name is attributed to one of the Three Wise Men, in both the Eastern and Western Christian Church, Balthazar is honored as a saint.

The designated name-day is January 6th.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Baltasar (Basque/Galician/Maltese/Spanish)
  • Hausl (Bavarian)
  • Balthazar (Catalan/English/French/Dutch/German)
  • Baltazaru (Corsican)
  • Baltazar (Croatian/Czech/Polish)
  • Hauser (German: Austrian dialectical form)
  • Boldizsár/Baltazár (Hungarian)
  • Baldasarre (Italian)
  • Baltazaras (Lithuanian)
  • Bautesar (Occitanian)
  • Balser/Balzer (Romansch)
  • Valtasar (Russian)
  • Baltazár (Slovak)
  • Boltežar (Slovene)
  • Baltsar (Swedish)

As for nicknames, Bolt might make an interesting choice.

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