Gender: Masculine
Origin: Greek Θαλης
Meaning: “to blossom.”

The name is derived from the Greek θαλλω (thallo) meaning, “to blossom.” It was borne by a 6th-century BCE Greek philosopher and Mathematician, Thales of Miletus.

The name shares the same etymological root as Thalia.

Currently, Thales is the 90th most popular male name in Brazil, (2011).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Fales Фалес (Azeri/Belarusian/Bulgarian/Russian)
  • Tales (Catalan/Polish/Portuguese/Spanish)
  • Thalés (Czech)
  • Thales (English/Greek/Portuguese-Brazilian/Zazaki)
  • Thalès (French)
  • Tailéas (Gaelic)
  • Thalész (Hungarian)
  • Talete (Italian)
  • Talesi თალესი (Georgian)
  • Taless (Latvian)
  • Talee (Lombard)
  • Talis (Lithuanian)
  • Taleti (Sicilian)


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