Origin: Arabic  أمن
Gender: Feminine
Meaning: “feel safe” or “truthful.”

Depending on its original Arabic script, the name could be of two different meanings and derivatives. If derived from the Arabic word  أمن(Amina) then it means “to feel safe.” In this case, it was borne by the mother of the Prophet Mohammed. If it is spelled  أمينة then it is derived from the Arabic word  امين(amin) meaning “truthful.”

Both names can  be transliterated as Aminah. 

As of 2010, Amina was the most popular female name in Bosnia & Herzegovina, while its Slavicized variation of Emina was the 6th most popular. Its rankings in other countries are as follows:

# 92 (Slovenia, 2010)
#166 (France, 2009)
# 224 (the Netherlands, 2010)
# 707 (the United States, 2010)

Other forms of the name include:

Amina Амина (Albanian/Algerian/Amharic/Arabic/Bosnian/Chechen/Farsi/Kazakh/Kyrgyz/Tunisian/Russian/Tatar)
Aminat Aманат (Chechen/Kazakh)
Emina Эмина (Azeri/Bosnian)
Yamina (Berber)
Aminata (Swahili)

Amine (Turkish)



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