Gender: Feminine
Origin: Slavic
Meaning: “dear to the people.”

The name is composed of the Slavic elements lud (people; folk) and mil (dear; beloved; kind). The name is most likely a remnant from pre-Christian Slavic culture and survived due to a popular Czech saint of the same name.

St. Ludmila of Bohemia is considered the patron saint of Bohemia and is the mother of Good King Wenceslaus.

Alexandr Pushkin also used the name for his heroine in his 1820 poem based on Russian folklore, Ruslan and Ludmila. M. Glinka followed suit by creating an opera based on the poem.

Around the same time, in Poland, the name was popularized by a Romance written by Leo Potocki entitled, Żelisław & Ludmiła (1816).

As of 2009, Ludmila was the 20th most popular female name in Argentina.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Ljudmila/Lyudmila Людмила (Bulgarian/Hungarian/Russian/Slovene)
  • Ludmila Људмила (Czech/Serbian/Slovene)
  • Ludmiła (Polish)
  • Ludomiła (Polish)
  • Ludzimiła (Polish)
  • Ludźmiła (Polish)
  • Ľudmila (Slovak)
  • Lyudmyla Людмила (Ukrainian)

Diminutives include:

  • Lída (Czech)
  • Ljuda/Luda (Russian)

Masculine forms include

  • Lyudmil/Ljudmil Людмил (Bulgarian)
  • Ludmił (Polish)
  • Ludomił (Polish)


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