Poland’s Most Unusual Female Names (2010)

In terms of names, Poland has two official list, the top most popular and the top most unusual. These are names bestowed upon less than 5 girls in a year.

Here are the top 115 most popular female names in Poland for 2010. I provided pronunciation and if not obvious and the English equivalent, though many of these names are foreign with no history of usage in Poland, some of these are used among traditional minority groups, such as Jews, Roma, Ukrainians, Russians, Lithuanians, Tatars and Armenians.

  1. Balbina (bahl-BEE-nah)
  2. Dagna (DAHG-nah. Polish form of Dagny)
  3. Debora (deh-BAW-rah. This was a very popular name among Polish-Jews in the past)
  4. Elif (this is a Turkish name)
  5. Emilie
  6. Erika
  7. Iwa (EE-vah. This is a Polish nature name. English cognate would be: Willow)
  8. Kira
  9. Latika (this is an Indian name)
  10. Latoya
  11. Leokadia (this is interesting to see, she was one of the most popular female names at the turn of the 20th-century, now she is rarely seen these days)
  12. Leonia (leh-AWN-yah)
  13. Ligia (LEEG-yah)
  14. Lorena
  15. Luna
  16. Marieta
  17. Masza (MAH-shah, a Polish form of the Russian, Masha)
  18. Matilda 
  19. Megan
  20. Nadzieja (nod-JAY-yah) a Polish word name, the English cognate would be: Hope)
  21. Nastia
  22. Nikita
  23. Noelia
  24. Oxana
  25. Pamela
  26. Raisa
  27. Salma
  28. Scarlett
  29. Sofija
  30. Waleria (vah-LARE-yah. Polish form of Valerie)
  31. Wiwiana (veef-YAH-nah, Polish form of Vivian)
  32. Adelajda (AH-deh-LYE-dah, Polish form of Adelaide)
  33. Aisha
  34. Alessia
  35. Alisa
  36. Amelie
  37. Ariadna (ah-ree-AHD-nah. Polish form of Ariadne)
  38. Arlena (ar-LEH-nah. Polish form of Arlene. This was somewhat trendy in the 1960s)
  39. Augustyna (OW-goo-STIN-nah)
  40. Aurora (ow-RAW-rah)
  41. Aylin (this is a Turkish name)
  42. Blanca 
  43. Carla
  44. Caroline
  45. Chanel
  46. Chioma (apparently, this is a Nigerian name. I don’t know how its suppose to be pronounced)
  47. Donata
  48. Gaia
  49. Hana
  50. Ismena (ees-MEH-nah. Polish form of Ismene)
  51. Jenifer
  52. Juliana
  53. Katja
  54. Kayla
  55. Ksymena
  56. Malika
  57. Marisa
  58. Melanie
  59. Mercedes
  60. Milana
  61. Miła (MEE-wah. From the Polish word for “nice; sweet.” It is an ancient Polish name)
  62. Molly
  63. Nicoletta
  64. Nicolla
  65. Patricia
  66. Vivian
  67. Żaklina (zhock-LEE-nah. This is the Polish form of Jacqueline)
  68. Alice
  69. Aliya
  70. Amalia
  71. Amira
  72. Angelica
  73. Annabel
  74. Carolina
  75. Cassandra
  76. Chiara
  77. Eleni
  78. Ella
  79. Ellen
  80. Emanuela
  81. Erin
  82. Fabiana
  83. Frida
  84. Heidi
  85. Inesa
  86. Inessa
  87. Ingrid
  88. Jagienka (This is a Medieval Polish name literally meaning, “little lamb”, it was used as a cognate for Agnes and its usage was replaced with Agnieszka by the turn of the 20th-century. yah-GYEN-kah)
  89. Julietta (yool-YET-tah)
  90. Kaia
  91. Karla
  92. Kim
  93. Klaudyna (klow-DIN-nah. This is the Polish form of Claudine)
  94. Kornela
  95. Lajla 
  96. Larissa
  97. Leah
  98. Leal
  99. Lili
  100. Lilian
  101. Margarita
  102. Marica
  103. Miranda
  104. Nadya
  105. Nila
  106. Otolia (aw-TAWL-yah. This is an old Polish name that appears occasionally among the Polish gentry between the 16th-century and the 18th-century. I imagine it is a form of Otylia).
  107. Petra
  108. Rose
  109. Sabrina
  110. Sawa (this is a Bosnian female name, from the name of a river, (see Sava)
  111. Susanna
  112. Teodora
  113. Virginia
  114. Vittoria
  115. Wera (VEH-rah)

Stay tuned tomorrow for Poland’s Most Unusual Male Names


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