Gender: Masculine
Origin: Polish
Meaning: “protection glory; glorious protection.”

The name is composed of the Old Slavonic element, broni, meaning, “protection” and slav, meaning “glory.”

In Poland, both Bronisław and its feminine form of Bronisława were both very popular from the beginning of the 20th-century up until after the second world war, nowadays, the name has a very dated feel in its home country.

In the United States, the name was often mistranslated as Bruno.

The name is borne by the current President-elect of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski (b.1952).

Other famous bearers include: Bronisław Huberman, a famous Polish violinist (1882-1947); Bronisław Malinowski, a famous Polish anthropologist (1884-1942).

Other forms of the name include the Polish Bronisz (BROH-neesh); in addition to:

Branislav Бранислав (Croatian/Macedonian/Serbian/Slovene)
Branko Бранко (Croatian/Macedonian/Serbian/Slovene)
Bronislav Бронислав (Czech/Russian/Slovak)
Bronislovas/Bronius (Lithuanian)
Barnisław (Polish)
Bronsław (Polish)
Brunisław (Polish)
Brosław (Polish)

The diminutive form is Bronek.

Feminine forms include:

Branka Бранка (Croatian/Macedonian/Serbian/Slovene)
Branislava Бранислава (Croatian/Macedonian/Serbian/Slovene)
Bronislava Бронислава (Czech/Russian/Slovak)
Bronislova (Lithuanian)
Bronisława (Polish)

The feminine diminutive form is Bronia.

Serb0-Croat diminutives are Brañka and Brankica.

Designated name-days are: August 18, August 30, September 1, September 3 and October 6.



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