Gender: Feminine
Origin: Persian
Meaning: “sweet.” شیرین

The name is from the Persian meaning, “sweet” and is a fairly classic female name in Iran. The name is found in an 800 year old epic romantic poem, Khosrow & Shirin, which recounts the exploits of an Armenian princess and her royal Persian lover. Her story may have been based on the eponymous favorite wife of the Sassanid King Khosrow II (c.628 CE).

Currently, Shirin is the 455th most popular female name in Germany.

The name is also used throughout Central Asia, including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Armenia.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Şirin (Azeri/Kurdish/Turkish)

1 thought on “Shirin

  1. This name becomes prominent and appellative because of that wonderfull story by Nizami Ganjevi about the greate love full of wisdom and high philosophy.

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