Gender: Masculine
Origin: Hebrew  חִזְקִיָהוּ
Meaning: “Yahweh strengthens”
Eng (hez-eh-KYE-ah)

The name is a transliteration of the Hebrew masculine name Chizqiyahu which is found in the Old Testament as the name of one of the kings of Judah.

The name was in usage among the Puritans and is currently the 930th most popular name in the United States (2010).

Other forms of the name include:

Ezequies (Catalan)
Ezekija (Croatian)
Hizkia (Dutch)
Hiskia (Finnish/Norwegian/Swedish)
Ézéchias (French)
Eze’kia  ეზეკია (Georgian)
Ezekias Εζεκίας (Greek)
Hiskija (German)
Chizqiyahu (Hebrew)
Ezékiás (Hungarian)
Hiszkija (Hungarian)
Ezechia (Italian/Romanian)
Ezechiasz (Polish)
Ezequias (Portuguese)
Ezekíja  Езеки́я (Russian)
Jezekija (Serbian)
Ezequías (Spanish)


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