Gender: Female
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “beautifully flowing.”

    Callirhoe, the sister of Castalia, was a naiad nymph who lived in a fountain in the town of Acarnarnia. She was the daughter of a minor river god, Achelaeus, and wife to the argive prophet, Alcmeon.

    Callirhoe talked her husband into stealing the peplus and necklace of the goddess Harmonia. Alcmeon was struck down by the goddess’ guards after he was caught stealing.

    To avenge his death, Callirhoe, pleaded with Zeus to induce her infant sons to be transformed into men so that they might avenge their father’s death, which Zeus granted.

    The name is also the scientific designation for the Prairie Poppy Mallow.

    Other forms of the name include:

    • Callirrhoé/Callirhoé (French)
    • Kalirojė (Lithuanian)

    Nicknames include: Cal, Callie, and Roe.

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