Gender: Female
Origin: Greek
Meaning “swift.”
Eng (THOO-sah); Grk (thoh-OO-sah)

Rendered in Greek as Thoösa Θόωσα, it is borne by a sea nymph in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto and beloved by the god Poseidon. She was associated with currents and swiftness. By Poseidon she bore the cyclops, Polypemus. She was also the sister of Echidna, and Scylla and was often depicted as a mermaid-like creature.

In recent years, it is the name of an English brand of womens’ running wear, founded in 2006 by CEO Caroline MacNally.

The name is rendered in Spanish as Toosa, (not by any means a common name), and in Lithuanian as Teosa (also very obscure).

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