Gender: Feminine
Origin: Czech/Slovak
Meaning: “young; love; dear.”

The name is believed to either be derived from the Old Slavonic, Mlada, meaning “youth” or from the Slavonic element mila meaning “love; dear.” In Slovakia, its designated name-day is December 29, in the Czech Republic, it is February 8th and in Slovenia, March 28th. A masculine form is Miladín.


pysna_princeznaGender: Feminine
Origin: Czech/Slovak, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian
Meaning: “lover of beauty.”

The name is composed of the Old Slavonic elements kras meaning “beauty” and mil meaning “love; favour; grace.” In Czech and Slovak, the name is associated with Pysna Princezna a beloved Czechoslovak fairy tale written by Bozena Nemcova, the story was adapted into a classic Czech film in the 1950s. The protagonist princess is named Krasomila. The designated name-day is October 10.