Lamara, Lamaria

  • Origin: Georgian ლამარა
  • Meaning: “of Mary.”
  • Gender: feminine
  • lah-MAH-rah; lah-MAHR-yah

The name is derived from the Svan term meaning “of Mary,” referring to the Virgin Mary as in the case of the church name in Svaneti  უშგულის ლამარია (Ushgulis Lamaria). Lamara is the name of a 1928 Georgian play by Grigol Robakidze.

Lamaria ლამარია is also the name of a Svan folk goddess of fertility, cattle, the hearth and women. Her name is most likely influenced by the Christian Virgin Mary and it is unknown if the goddess is a synchronized folk saint or if the name was changed after Christianity was introduced into the area.

Both names have recently become prevalent in Chechnya & Kazakhstan.

It is borne by Georgian soprano Lamara Chqonia (b. 1930).

In the United States, it is sometimes used as a feminine form of Lamar.



1154833112559_Autumn_sInvitationII2476FlAd001Gender: Feminine
Origin: Russian
Meaning: “October.”

The name seems to have been invented during the Soviet Period, invented in honour of the 1917 Revolution. There is an old Soviet film (1924) entitled the Adventures of Oktyabrina. Unlike other invented Soviet names, this one seemed to have caught on, possibly more likely due to its pleasant sound and its reference to the month of October versus any political connotations. The name has become especially popular in Central Asia and Armenia. Nicknames include Okta. The name was borne by Oktyabrina Bolotova, a Mongolian-Russian olympic archer. It is also the name of a town in Magadanskaya Oblast Russia. The name is sometime transliterated is Oktjabrina and Oktiabrina. There also seems to be a masculine version Oktyaber, another one that seems quite prevalent in Central Asia.


pomegranate-openGender: Feminine
Origin: Kazakh
Meaning: “pomegranate”

The name come directly from the Kazakh word for the pomegranate. It is a fairly common name in Central Asia, and has even made it over to Pakistan. Other forms include Anar, Anargul, Lunara and the very popular Gulnara, the latter meaning “pomegranate flower.” Pomegranate season occurs in the months of Fall.


Gender: Feminine
Origin: Kazakh
Meaning: “coolness of a breeze under a tree on a summer day.”

I couldn’t confirm if “coolness of a breeze under a tree on a summer day” is legit, but it’s certainly a lovely meaning, a nice choice for a summer baby, but be forwarned that I am not entirely sure if that is indeed the meaning. I will have to do further research, but until then, that is what I have it listed as. However, I was able to confirm that this is indeed a common Kazakh female name. I even found a few hotels in Kazakhstan listed with this name. I also learned that many Kazakh names are derived from common words in their vocabulary, so its meaning is entirely plausible.

There has been nothing but cool summer breezes in my part of the country, (something that is rather unusual in the Midwest), but its been nice nevertheless and this beautiful name made me think of the wonderful weather outside.