Gender: Feminine
Origin: Icelandic
Meaning: “harp; lyre” or “the first month of Summer.”

In the old Icelandic calender, this was the name of the first month of Summer, which usually falls on the first Thursday after April 18. In the age of the Vikings, this was also considered the first day of the year.

On this day celebrations were held with distribution of gifts and sumptuous feasts. It was a day of no work and it was designated as Children’s Day. Many traditions were held on this day, including women being proposed to by those who fancied them and the reading and retelling of the sagas. Today the day has been designated as national Bank day.

As of July 2007, 720 women in Iceland bore this as a first name and 260 had it as a middle name.

A more feminine version of the trendy occupational name Harper.