Gender: Masculine
Origin: Bulgarian/Croatian/Czech/Macedonian/Serbian/Slovak/Slovene
Meaning: “golden; honey coloured.”

The name is derived from the Slavic word, zlata, meaning, “gold.” This form of the name referes to the honey brown golden colour. The designated name-day in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is June 12th; in Bulgaria, its October 18. Feminine versions include: Zlata and Zlatka. Another masculine form is Zlatan.

The name was borne by famous Croatian violinist, Zlatko Balakovic (1895-1965)


Gender: Feminine
Origin: Bosnian/Bulgarian/Crotian/Czech/Macedonian/Serbian/Slovak/Slovene
Meaning: “gold”

The name is derived from the Czech/Slovak elemet, zlata meaning “gold.” The suffix of -ica is a popular one among feminine Slavic names denoting something small and feminine. Zlatuska (zlah-TOOSH-kah), and Zlatka, can either be used a nickname or variation. The name also coincides with the Czech/Slovak word for the buttercup flower.

In the Southern Slavic languages, it just means “gold.”