Gender: Feminine
Origin: Arabic جيهان
Meaning: debated

There are several possible origins to this name. It is most widely accepted to be derived from the Persian word, جهان (jahan), meaning, “world; universe.” However, it can also be traced to several different Arabic words with JHN as their roots. These include:

  • جهانة (juhanhun), meaning, “young.”
  • جهن (jhen), meaning, “closer.”
  • جهنة (jhenh), meaning, “twilight blue.”

As of 2010, Jihane was the 334th most popular female name in France.

A variant transcription is Jihene.



Gender: Feminine
Origin: Czech/Slovak
Meaning: “young; love; dear.”

The name is believed to either be derived from the Old Slavonic, Mlada, meaning “youth” or from the Slavonic element mila meaning “love; dear.” In Slovakia, its designated name-day is December 29, in the Czech Republic, it is February 8th and in Slovenia, March 28th. A masculine form is Miladín.