Gender: Masculine
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: debated
Eng (JAY-dun); Heb (yah-DONE)

Jayden, a made-up, non legitimate name, came out of nowhere in the 1990s, whether it is a tryndification of the Biblical Hebrew, Jadon, or just an elaboration of Jade, is uncertain, but it is currently the 11th most popular male name in the United States, (2008). Its legitimate, Biblical Hebrew, alternative of Jadon, is currently the 473rd most popular male name in the United States, (2008).

Jadon is borne in the Old Testament by one of the builders of the wall in Jerusalem.

According to Flavius Josephus, (a Roman Jewish historian), Jadon was the name of a Jewish prophet, (Antiquities of the Jews VIII, 8,5.)

As for his derivation and meaning, some sources list it as meaning “thankful” while others will contend that it means “he will judge.”

Thus, obviously, Jadon has a very long history as a male name. If you are considering Jayden, I would highly recommend using Jadon. The pronunciation in English does not really change, but the history and heritage of the name does.

In Hebrew, the name is sometimes transliterated as Yadon.