Gender: Feminine
Origin: Faroese
Meaning: “beautiful woman.”

I hope I don’t scare my readers away by posting this one today 🙂 But I got to admit, there is something romantically appealing about this name.

Fríðfljóð is composed of the Nordic elements, fríðr (beautiful; fair; beloved) and fljóð (woman).

As of 2010, this was the 8th most popular female name in the Faroe Islands.


Kyllikki, Kylli

Gender: Feminine
Origin: Finnish
Meaning: “woman.”
Pronunciation can be heard here:

The name is derived from an old Finnish word for woman and was popularized through the Finnish national epic the Kalevala, in which there is a prominent female character of the same name (featured left). It is considered a “revived” name from the National Romantic Movement in Finland, and was officially placed in the Finnish national calender in 1905, before that, she was found in the Finnish Public Awareness Society’s calender as early as 1882.

JR Apselin was the first known person in contemporary times to bestow the name upon his daughter, Aino Aura Kyllikki, the same year the name appeared in the official calender. Thereafter, Kyllikki spiked in popularity and peaked between the 1920s and 1930s as the most popular feminine name in Finland. The name was the inspiration of a Sibelius song of the same name.

There are Estonian forms, which are: Külli, Küllike and Külliki.

Their designated name-day is December 8, and currently, approximately 67 363 women in Finland bear the name Kyllikki (2008).