Gender: Masculine

Origin: German
Meaning: “desire to protect.”
Germ (VIL-lee-Bahlt); Eng (WIL-lih-BALD).
The name is derived from the Germanic elements vilja meaning “will; desire,” and bald meaning “bold; protection.” The name is borne by a British Benedictine monk of Wessex (d. 787). He was the first Bishop of Eichstatt Germany. He was said to be the cousin of St. Boniface and the son of King Richard. He was sent off to Germany to do missionary under the direction of his cousin. His feast is held on July 7. The name is very unusual in Germany these days, but might make a fresher alternative to the very common William; along with all the same nickname options attached. There is the Croatian forms of Vilibald and Vilko.