Kool Savas, German rapper

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: “war.”
  • Gender: masculine
  • (SAH-vash)

The name comes directly from the Turkish word for war.

In 1991, this was the 67th most popular male name in Turkey.

The name is borne by German rapper, Kool Savas (nee Savaş Yurderi).



Gender: Masculine
Origin: Scottish
Meaning: “brown warrior.”

Duncan is an anglicized form of the Scots-Gaelic Donnchadh which is composed of the elements, donn (brown) and cath (warrior). The name was borne by Duncan I of Scotland, the inspiration behind Shakespeare’s play Macbeth (1606).

Currently, Duncan is the 705th most popular male name in the United States, (2010) and the 259th most popular in the Netherlands (2010).

Other forms of the name include:

Donagh (Irish)
Donnchad (Irish/Scottish)
Donnchadh (Irish/Scottish)




Gender: Feminine
Origin: Latin
Meaning: “war.”

    The name is derived from the Latin word bellum meaning “war.”

    In ancient Rome, Bellona was an ancient war-goddess who was possibly leftover from the Etruscan era, in fact she is sometimes believed to have predated the Roman war god, Mars. Earlier sources have her listed as Duellona, which is derived from an even older word for war. She was considered a numinous god, that is god who is present in all places and objects. In later eras of Rome, Bellona was considered to be the consort and sister to Mars. In antiquated Rome, all things pertaining to political war endeavors were held at the Temple of Bellona.

    Her festival was celebrated on June 3rd.

    In modern culture, she is often used as a representation for military virtue. The name might make an interesting and more refreshing alternative to Bella and Isabella, both of which have become exceedingly popular.

    Other forms include:

    • Bellone (French)
    • Belona (Spanish)


    Gender: Feminine
    Origin: German
    Meaning “armed warrior.”

    The name is a popular older German name. It is considered rather old fashioned in German speaking countries these days.

    The name was borne by both the mother and wife of famous bandit, Jesse James. James’ wife, (pictured above), was known affectionately as Little Z, in order to differentiate her from her mother-in-law. The women were cousins and, in the James Family’s case, their shared name was most likely a family name. Although both women spelled their name Zerelda, it is more likely than not that their name was derived from the traditional Germanic form.

    English nicknames include Zee or Z or Zizi.