Gender: Masculine
Origin: Latin
Meaning: “city-dweller.”
Eng (ER-ben)

The name is derived from the Latin name, Urbanus, which means “city-dweller.”

The name is mentioned briefly in one of St. Paul Epistles in the New Testament and was also borne by several popes.

In 2005, Urban was the 33rd most popular male name in Slovenia.

Other forms of the name include:

Urbà (Catalan)
Urban (Czech/Danish/Dutch/English/Estonian/German/Slovakian/Slovene/Norwegian/Polish/Russian/Swedish)
Urbas/Urbo (Finnish)
Urpa/Urpo (Finnish)
Urbain (French)
Ourbanos (Greek: Biblical)
Orbán/Orbó/Urbán (Hungarian)
Urbano (Italian/Portuguese/Spanish)
Urbanus (Latin)
Urvan (Russian)

An Italian feminine form is Urbana.

The designated name-days are: April 2/16 (Poland), May 25 (Estonia/Slovakia/Sweden), July 2/29 (Poland), September 27 (Poland), October 31 (Poland) and December 19 (Poland).


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