Gender: Masculine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: debated
Eng (TIE-ko); Dutch (TEE-ko)

The name is derived from the Greek, Tychon (Τυχων) meaning, “hitting the mark.” Another etymology is that it could be derived from the Greek, tyche, meaning “luck.”

The name was borne by a Greek saint, but its most notable bearer was Danish astronomer, Tycho Brahe (1546-1601).

The name has enjoyed widespread usage throughout Northern Europe. It is believed that the name may have started off as a Latinized equivalent for the Old Norse, Toki, meaning “jerk; simpleton”, or as a Latinized form of Torkel.

The designated name-day in Greece is June 16.

Other forms of the name include

  • Tyge (Danish)

  • Tycho (Dutch/German/Latin)

  • Teiko (Finnish)

  • Tyyko (Finnish)

  • Tyko (Norwegian/Swedish)

  • Tikhon Тихон (Russian)

  • Tage (Swedish)


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