Gender: Feminine
Origin: French
Meaning: from the name of a type of gem “dark.”

The name is derived from the name of a type of gem stone known as ombria in Latin. The word ombria itself means “dark” and shares an etymological relation with the place name, Umbria. Also known as toadstones, the ancients believed they could be found inside the bodies of toads and they were often used as an antidote against poison. In reality, ombria was formed from fossilized ray-finned type fish. I couldn’t find a picture of the stone. However, this is a sweet, dainty sounding name. It reminds me of Thumbelina, but not as ridiculous, and of Opal, but a bit more elaborate; with a touch of French class. The name is not unheard of in France, though not popular either. Its designated name-day is August 21st, and as of 2006, she stood as the 500th most popular female name in France.