If Changes Need to be Made

Hi everyone, I have noticed that I have been loosing a few members the last few weeks. I don’t know who they are or why they left, it doesn’t matter, but, it reminded to make this little announcement. If there are any critiques, comments, improvements, or changes you would like to see made on my blog, don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail: cavylovershay@yahoo.com or if you see this post within the next few weeks, just leave a comment. Same goes for name suggestions too. There are billions of names out there, and I can’t always keep track of all of them, in order to keep myself in line, I give myself a theme to follow, right now I am following a Summer theme or just writing about names from several national calenders, but if there is any name on your mind that I have missed or if you have any name suggestions, I would be happy to hear about them. Keep in mind that I can only write about legitimate names, not made up names or masculine names used on girls. I have to follow a certain criteria. That is what makes my blog seperate from others. I will let you know if I will post about your name suggestions, and if I disqualify them, I will gently give you a reason why I cannot include them in my database. Now, you may notice that I have a tendency to write about some weird and unusual names. I know I may not have a lot of names listed from the Top 100, but if you haven’t seen Grace, Mary or Leah, don’t despair, I will include them eventually, its just that when I see an unusual legitimate name I like to research it and post about it as soon as possible so I won’t forget it. I know I could always use a notebook, but I have tried that before only to lose them in a pile of endless books.