Gender: Feminine
Origin: Estonian
Meaning: “strawberry.”

The name comes directly from the Estonian word for the Strawberry. Summer is strawberry season and today also happens to be Maasika’s name-day.

Maasika is a legit feminine name in Estonia, and if you want something natury and fruity, this might be a nice nod without it sounding too ridiculous.

It even appears on the Estonian calender, its designated name day is July 27.


Gender: Feminine
Origin: Polish/Serbo-Croatian
Meaning: “strawberry” in Serbo-Croat and “berry” in Polish

July is Strawberry season, so I thought I’d give the time of day to write about this name. In Poland the name actually started out as a form of Jadwiga, but with its coincidental meaning of “berry” in Polish, it broke off as an independent name. In Serbo-Croatian the name specifically means “strawberry.”