Gender: Feminine
Origin: Swedish/Norwegian

The name is a smush of the Old Norse female name Inga and Lill which can either be in reference to the Swedish word lille meaning “little; small” or Lilly which is a Swedish form of Lily and a diminutive form of Elisabeth. The name was quite common in the 1940-50s, but is now considered rather dated in Scandinavia. The name is borne by Norwegian Politician Ingalill Olsen (b.1955) and its designated name-day in Sweden is October 25.



Gender: Feminine
Origin: Estonian
Meaning: “petite; small”

The name seems to come directly from the Estonian word describing something tiny. It has been in usage as a female name for a long time.

The pronunciation is rather hard to transcribe, but phonetically in English it would sound something like (VY-keh).

The name was borne by a famous Australian-Estonian artist, Vaike Lakeman.

(Upper left self portrait of Vaike Lakeman).