Severin, Soren

Soren Kierkegaard

Soren Kierkegaard

Gender: Masculine
Origin: Latin
Meaning: “stern”
Eng(SEV-rin); Germ(Ze-ve-reen)

The name is derived from an old Roman family name which was derived from the Latin name Severus meaning “stern.” The name was borne by several saints, including a pope and a Roman theologian put to death under Theodoric 1.

The name is also borne by Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855), Søren is a fairly popular form throughout Scandinavia, especially Denmark and is even in usage in Germany.

The designated name-day is October 23.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Søren/Sørinus/Sørn (Danish/Norwegian)
  • Servin/Sevrin/Sørin (Faroese)
  • Severi (Finnish: diminutive forms include Seeve and Sever, Veeri)
  • Sévère (French)
  • Séverin (French)
  • Severin (German/Romansch)
  • Severinus (German/Latin)
  • Szevér/Szeverin (Hungarian)
  • Szörény (Hungarian)
  • Severino (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Severo (Italian, Spanish)
  • Severus (Latin)
  • Severins (Latvian)
  • Severas/Severinas (Lithuanian)
  • Sevre/Sevri/Sevrin (Norwegian)
  • Söffren/Söfring/Sövrin (Old Swedish: out of usage)
  • Sewer/Seweryn (Polish)
  • Suulut (Saami)
  • Sören (Swedish)
  • Severián (Ukrainian)

Female forms include:

  • Sørina/Sørine (Danish/Norwegian)
  • Severiina (Finnish)
  • Séverine (French)
  • Severina (German, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Szörénke (Hungarian)
  • Sevrina/Sevrine/Søverine/Søvrina/Søvrine (Norwegian)
  • Sewera/Seweryna (Polish)
  • Severyna (Ukrainian)