Gender: Feminine
Origin: Kazakh
Meaning: “coolness of a breeze under a tree on a summer day.”

I couldn’t confirm if “coolness of a breeze under a tree on a summer day” is legit, but it’s certainly a lovely meaning, a nice choice for a summer baby, but be forwarned that I am not entirely sure if that is indeed the meaning. I will have to do further research, but until then, that is what I have it listed as. However, I was able to confirm that this is indeed a common Kazakh female name. I even found a few hotels in Kazakhstan listed with this name. I also learned that many Kazakh names are derived from common words in their vocabulary, so its meaning is entirely plausible.

There has been nothing but cool summer breezes in my part of the country, (something that is rather unusual in the Midwest), but its been nice nevertheless and this beautiful name made me think of the wonderful weather outside.