Gender: Feminine
Origin: Czech
Meaning: debated

The name is a very old Czech female given name of uncertain derivation. It is sometimes believed to be connected to an Indo-European word that also has its roots in the Corsican sarra meaning “ridge; hill” and the Spanish sierra (mountain ridge). Hence, the name’s meaning may have something to do with mountain, hill or crag.

The name is borne by a warrior woman of Czech folklore. According to Chronica Boëmorum, by Cosmas of Prague and Dalimil’s Chronicle, Šárka was one of the warrior women who participated in the Maiden’s War, in which a band of female warriors rebelled against the male forces of Libuše’s husband.

Šárka tricked the men by tying herself to a tree, after they rescued her, she put a sleeping potion in their mead and slew them in their sleep.

The same story was also the subject of the 18th-century Czech opera, Šárka by Leoš Janáček (1887)

The designated name-day is June 30.


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Image Courtesy of the ČESKÝ INSTITUT (http://ao-institut.cz/Galerie/Ceska-zeme/)