Gender: Feminine
Origin: Spanish
Meaning: “dew”
Sp (roh-THEE-o); Lat Am Sp (roh-SEE-oh)

The name comes directly from the Spanish word for dew and was originally used in reference to an epithet of the Virgin Mary, María del Rocío (Mary of the Dew).

La Virgen El Rocío is a famous shrine found in Almonte Spain, where each year, a famous procession is held for a birch carved statue of the Virgin Mary known as María del Rocío. The procession attracts at least one million people a year.

The name is currently the 16th most popular female name in Argentina, (2009).

Its rankings in other countries are as follows:

  • # 29 (Spain, 2010)
  • # 34 (Chile, 2010)
  • # 72 (Catalonia, 2010)