Gender: Feminine
Origin: Mayan

The name is derived from the Mayan name, Ix Chel, which was the name of an important goddess of the moon, midwifery and the earth in Mayan culture. Its modern Spanish transliteration is Itzel or Itxel and it is currently a very popular female name in Mexico. Its meaning is uncertain but it has been suggested to be related to the Yucatan word chel (rainbow).

Currently, Itzel is the 411th most popular female name in the United States, (2010). Two other forms are Itxel and Ixchel.




Gender: Feminine
Origin: Lithuanian
Meaning: “rainbow.”

The name is derived from the Lithuanian word vaivorykštė meaning “rainbow.”

In Lithuanian mythology, the name is borne by a minor goddess of the rainbow.

According to one account, the lightning god, Perkunas, was suppose to marry the goddess Vaiva on a Thursday, but she was kidnapped by the evil Velnias and Perkunas has hunted down Velnias ever since.

Another form of the name is Vaivora.

The designated name-day is June 18.




Gender: Feminine
Origin: Arabic
Meaning: “downpour.”

Don’t despair, I know you may think, what is she thinking posting a male name, actually Dima is just a diminutive form of Dmitry in Russian, but Dima is a legit feminine Arabic name meaning “downpour,” referring to a rain storm. The emphasis is on the latter half of the syllable while the Russian male Dima is emphasized on the first half. It is sometimes transliterated as Dimah.