Raviv, Raviva

200236712-001Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “rain”
(rah-VEEV; rah-VEE-vah).

Raviv is the masculine form while Raviva is the feminine, Raviv comes directly from the Hebrew word for rain רָבִיב. Rain in Israel is usually associated with the fall and winter months. The name is borne by Raviv Ullman an American actor and rapper.


Gender: Masculine
Origin: Sanskrit
Meaning: “possessing drops of rain.”

Coincidentally the name is also an Indian male name, though of a completely different meaning, origin and pronunciation. Pronounced (IN-druh) it is from a Sanskrit source, composed of the elements indu इन्दु meaning ” a drop,” and ra meaning “possession.” The meaning is in reference to having ownership over raindrops and it is the name of the Hindu warrior god of the sky and rain. He is the Chief god of the Hindu text the Rig Veda.