Gender: Feminine
Origin: Armenian
Meaning: “pomegranate; fire.”

The name is either an elaboration of the Armenian word nar which is a borrowing from the Persian meaning “pomegranate” or an elaboration of an Arabic name meaning “fire.”


pomegranate-garden5Gender: Feminine
Origin: Persian/Armenian
Meaning: “pomegranate garden.”

The name is composed of the old Persian elements bakhca meaning garden and nar meaning “pomegranate.” The name is also used in Armenia.


pomegranate-openGender: Feminine
Origin: Kazakh
Meaning: “pomegranate”

The name come directly from the Kazakh word for the pomegranate. It is a fairly common name in Central Asia, and has even made it over to Pakistan. Other forms include Anar, Anargul, Lunara and the very popular Gulnara, the latter meaning “pomegranate flower.” Pomegranate season occurs in the months of Fall.