Gender: Feminine
Origin: Biblical Hebrew
Meaning: “pleasure.”

The name is found throughout the Old Testament as the name of several female personages. Most notably, it is found in the Apocryphal Book of Jubilees in which it is mentioned that it is the name of the wives of Enoch, Methuseleh and Terah.

The name appears again as the name of the wife of Tobit.

Edna was fairly common in the early 20th-century in both the United States and in Northern Europe, but has fallen out of usage since. In 1899, Edna was the 11th most popular female name in the United States.

In fact, before the 18th-century, the name was seldom used outside the Jewish community, but since the Protestant Reformation, the name experienced a vogue in predominately Protestant countries.

Edna shares an etymological relation with the Hebrew word, eden (paradise).

The Irish female name, Eithne, has often been anglicized to Edna.

As of 2010, Edna was the 67th most popular female name in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

In Latvia the designated name-day is July 5.


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