Gender: Feminine
Origin: Estonian/Finnish
Meaning: “pine.”

The name is derived from the Finnish word for a species of pine tree known as pinus pinea. This might be the perfect autumnal name. Its designate name-day is October 6.

As of 2011, Pinja was the 35th most popular female name in Finland.


Gender: Feminine
Origin: Icelandic
Meaning: “pine tree.”
(FEU-rah) the u is somewhat akin to the French eu sound.

The name comes from the Icelandic word for pine tree, according to the Icelandic Registry, only 3 women bore the name as of 2007.


Matej BorGender: Masculine
Origin: Slovenian
Meaning: “pine tree.”
(BOR) rolled R

The name currently ranks in as the 45th most popular male name in Slovenia, it comes from the Slovenian word for pine tree but may have been popularized by Slovene national author, poet, playwright, translator and partisan, Matej Bor, (borne Vladimir Pavšič), the former being a pen name (1913-1993).

It is also the name of several places names throughout Eastern Europe, there are a few villages in Poland that bear the name, as well as in the Czech Republic, Russia and it is the name of a city in Serbia.

There is a feminine form Borjana, also the name of a place in Slovenia.


Gender: Masculine
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “ash tree; pine tree.”

The name was originally a Biblical name, in old Hebrew the name possibly meant “ash tree” while in modern Hebrew it has evolved into meaning “pine tree.” In the Old Testament, Oren is a minor character, the son of Jerahmeel 1 Chroncles 2:25. The name is fairly common in Israel. A feminine form is Orna אָרְנָה