Gender: Masculine
Origin: Frisian
Meaning: “people.”

The name is derived from the Frisian element diet meaning “people.”

As of 2008, Tibo was the 88th most popular male name in Belgium.



Gender: Feminine
Origin: Dutch/Frisian
Meaning: “people.”

The name is a feminine form of the Frisian male name, Dieuwe which is derived from the Old Germanic element, þeud, meaning, “people.”

In 2008, Dieuwke was the 94th most popular female name in Belgium.


Gender: Masculine
Origin: Swedish
Meaning: “people.”

The name is derived from the Old Norse element fulk meaning “people.” The name is currently rather trendy in Sweden. It was borne by Folke Bernadotte the count of Wisburg, a Swedish diplomat who was noted for his efforts in saving 31,000 prisoners from German Concentration camps. Its designated name day is July 14.