Gender: Feminine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “the sea.”
(peh-LAH-gee-ah); Fre (pay-lah-ZHEE)

The name is a feminine form of the Greek male name, Pelagios (Πελαγιος), which is derived from the Greek pelagos (πελαγος) meaning “the sea.”

Both the masculine and feminine version have been borne by several saints. Pelagios was even borne by two popes.

Other feminine forms of the name include:

Pélagie (French)
Pelagia (Greek/Polish)
Pelageya Пелагея (Russian/Ukrainian)

Another masculine form is the Late Latin Pellagius.

The designated name-days are: March 23 (Poland); May 4 (Greece); June 9 (Poland); July 11 (Poland); October 8 (France/Greece/Poland); October 19 (Poland); October 21 (Poland).