Gender: Masculine
Origin: Arabic صبريّ
Meaning: “patient.”

The name comes directly from the Arabic meaning, “patient.”

As of 2009, Sabri was the 397th most popular male name in France.

Feminine forms are Sabriyya and Sabriye (Turkish).


Gender: Feminine
Origin: English

She is the quintessential Puritan name, however, evidence suggest the name has been in usage far longer than early Colonial America.

It was popularized as a given name by early Christians, the Greeks referred to Constantine’s mother, St. Helen as Ypomoni (Patience). It was Latinized as Patientia and is found as the name of an early Christian martyr.

Its popularity was only enhanced later by the Puritans.

It is currently the 800th most popular female name in the United States, (2010).

Other forms of the name include:

Patientia (Latin)
Patience (French/English)
Ypomoni (Greek)
Pazienza (Italian)

Paciencia (Spanish)