Gender: Feminine
Origin: Spanish
Meaning: “dove; pigeon.”

The name comes directly from the Spanish word for a dove or pigeon.

As a given name its usage may go as far back as the Middle Ages, however  there is a cult to the Virgin Mary which started in Madrid during the 18th-century, known as La Virgen de la Paloma (Our Lady of the Dove).

The dove is a symbol of peace and of the Holy Spirit among Christians since early Medieval times and this in fact may have sparked the name’s popularity.

Currently, Paloma is the 48th most popular female name in Chile, (2010). She also ranked in as the 140th most popular female name in France, (2009) and the 698th most popular in the United States, (2010).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Uxue (Basque)
  • Coloma (Catalan)
In recent years it has been most popularly associated with Paloma Picasso (b.1949) the daughter of Pablo Picasso.