Gender: Masculine
Origin: French
Eng (ahk-TAVE); Fre (OKE-TAHV)

In music, an octave is the space between one musical tone and another with half or double its frequency (1), in poetry, it is used to describe the first 8 lines of a sonnet.

In Roman Catholic liturgy, an octave is the 8th-day after a major feast, such as Easter.

Octave is also happens to be the French form of Octavius which is from the Latin meaning, (the eighth). However, the term octave (in reference to all of the above) occurs in French as well.

As of 2009, Octave was the 344th most popular male name in France.

Aria is slowly but surely rising up the charts, and Octave may make the perfect masculine cognate to a musical theme.