Océane, Oceana

Gender: Feminine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “ocean”
Fre (oh-say-AHN); Eng (o-shee-AH-nah).

Both names are derived from the Greek, masculine name Okeanos, which means “ocean.”

It was borne in Greek mythology by one of the pre-hellenistic Titan gods. His domain was the ocean and, a long with his sister, Tethys, he produced the Oceanid nymphs.

The name is also borne by an early Christian saint of whom very little is known.

The French form of Océane has been extremely popular in France the last 10 years. It came in at # 9 among the top 100 French female names in 2006. In Quebec, it came in at # 20.

The latinate, counterpart of Oceana, is virtually unheard of but is certainly usable.