Gender: Feminine
Origin: Bosnian/Serbo-Croat/Bulgarian/Macedonian
Meaning: “marigold.”

Origin: Breton
Meaning: “heaven; temple; fane.”

The name could be from the South Slavic word, neven, meaning, “marigold flower”.

There is also a masculine version of Neven.

The feminine form is currently borne by Nevena Tsoneva (b.1986), a famous Bulgarian pop singer, (pictured left).

Diminutive forms include Neva and Nevenka and the masculine Nevenko.

Neven is also the name of a popular gel used in the former Republic of Yugoslavia. Known as Neven Gel, it is made from marigold extracts and is used as a sort of Bengay cream.

I must give credit to one of my followers Capucine who informed me of the names’ coincidental Breton origins.

The name was borne by a Breton Saint of whom I could find very little information, however, it is believed that he left his name in some French place names in Brittany Lannéven and Lesneven. His feast and name-day is April 6.

Its meaning and derivation is of debated origin, it could be derived from an old Breton word for “temple; fane” or it is possibly related to the modern Breton word for “sky”, (also possibly meaning “heaven”) from the Breton word (neñv).

Offshoots include the masculine forms of Nevenoe, and Neveno.

Masculine diminutives include: Nevenou, Nevenig, Venou and Venig.

The feminine versions are Nevena and Nevenez and feminine diminutives include: Venaig and Nezig.