Gender: Feminine

Origin: Greek
Meaning: “lord.”
The name is a feminine form of the Greek male name Kyriakos which is derived from the Greek kyrios meaning “lord”, however, the name also coincides with the Greek word for Sunday. The name is born by a very well loved Greek Orthodox saint. She was of a noble Greek Christian family and got her name because she was born on a Sunday. When Kyriaki refused an angry suitor, she and her family were told on to the authorities about their illegal faith. Both her parents were exiled while she was forced to stand trial. When she refused to deny her religion she was sentenced to a lashing. The authorities continued to torture her for several days, and legend has it that God spoke to her, encouraging her to keep the faith. She was finally beheaded. In the Greek Orthodox Church her name day is July 7. In Bulgarian her name was literally translated to Nedelya (Sunday) where she is known as Sveta Nedelya.
The name might make a pleasant and exotic alternative to other popular K names such as Keira, Kyra and Kylie.