Gender: Feminine
Origin: Biblical Hebrew  נָעֳמִי
Meaning: “pleasantness.”
Eng (nay-OH-mee); (nye-OH-mee)

The name is derived from the Hebrew נָעֳמִי (Na’omiy) “pleasantness.”

It is borne in the Old Testament by the mother-in-law of Ruth, who later changes her name to Mara to express the grief she experienced after losing her husband and sons.

The name was always common among Jews but did not catch on in the English-Christian world until after the Protestant Reformation.

Currently, its Italian/German form of Noemi is the 3rd most popular female name in Italian-speaking Switzerland, (2010). Her rankings in both forms are as follows:

  • # 16 (Noemi, Hungary, 2010)
  • # 19 (Noemi, Italy, 2010)
  • # 26 (Naomi, Netherlands, 2010)
  • # 31 (Noémie, French-speaking Switzerland, 2010)
  • # 33 (Noémie, France, 2009)
  • # 44 (Naomi, Canada, B.C., 2010)
  • # 63 (Noémie, Belgium, 2009)
  • # 82 (Naomi, Scotland, 2010)
  • # 86 (Naomi, Northern Ireland, 2010)
  • # 92 (Naomi, United States, 2010)
  • # 162 (Noemi, Germany, 2011)
  • # 677 (Noemi, United States, 2010)
Other forms of the name include:
  • Na’ima (Aramaic)
  • Naomi (Dutch/English/Hebrew)
  • Noemi (Czech/German/Hungarian/Italian/Polish/Slovak)
  • Noomi (Finnish/Estonian)
  • Noémie (French)
  • Naemi (German)
  • Naëmi (German)
  • Nomi (German)
  • Noemí (Portuguese/Spanish)
  • Noemin Ноеминь (Russian)
  • Naimi (Swedish)
  • Noëmi (Swiss-German)
  • Nömsi (Swiss-German)

It can also be a Japanese female name, being composed of the elements 直 (nao) “straight” and 美 (mi) “beautiful.”

Its recent popularity in Italy might be due to Italian pop singer, Noemi.

The name is also borne by supermodel, Naomi Campbell.



Gender: Feminine
Origin: Estonian/Arabic
Meaning: “to wed; to marry” or “tranquil, at ease.”


The name can either be a derivative of the Estonian verb, naima, meaning “to wed; to marry” or may be an Estonian alternative to Naomi. Another Estonian form is Naimi.

The designated name-day in Estonia is January 24rd and in Sweden, November 17.

A completely different and coincidental etymology is that it is a feminine form of the Arabic male name, Na’im, meaning, “tranquil; at ease.” نعيمة

It was also the name of a famous jazz tune by John Coltrane.

It is currently borne by Estonian artist, Naima Neidre (b.1943)