Liber, Libera

Liber: Masculine
(LIE-ber); (LIB-er)
Libera: Feminine
(lie-BARE-uh); (LIB-eh-ruh)
Origin: Latin
Meaning: “free.”

The names are borne in Roman mythology by two fertility gods who were consorts. Liber was originally an old native Italian god, possibly of Etruscan origins, but with the influx of Greek culture later in the Empire he came to be associated with the god Dionysus. His wife/sister Libera was later associated with Ariadne and Persephone.

Liber’s festival was usually celebrated on March 17, known as the festival of the Liberalia, where young boys would receive their first toga virilis.



Gender: Feminine
Origin: Icelandic
Meaning: “June”

The name is derived from the Icelandic júnímeaning “June.”

The name is not too common, as of July 2007, only one girl bore this as a first name on the entire island, while 3 had it as a middle name.