Gender: Feminine
Origin: South Slavic Нађа

The name was originally a South Slavic and Czech diminutive form of Nadezhda, but is now used as an independent given name in the former Yugoslav Republic.

As of 2010, Nađa was the 80th most popular female name in Bosnia & Herzegovina.



Gender: Feminine
Origin: Russian/Bulgarian
Meaning: “hope.”

The name come directly from the Russian, meaning “hope.” Other forms include:

  • Nada (Croatian/Serbian/Slovene)
  • Naděžda (Czech)
  • Nadège (French: nah-DEZH)
  • Nagyezsda (Hungarian)
  • Nadzieja (Polish: nah-JAY-ah)
  • Nadežda (Slovakian)

In modern Russian history, the name was most notably borne by the wife of Josef Stalin, Nadezhda Alliluyeva (1901-1932).

Russian diminutive forms are: Nada and Nadya. Czech diminutive forms is Naďa. Name-days are September 17 (Czech Republic/Russia), September 30 (Bulgaria), December 23 (Slovakia).